Hot Cocoa Bombs

Magic in your mug! What are they? Basically, huge chocolate truffles filled with marshmallows. Pour hot milk over to make a yummy mug of hot cocoa!

What flavors do they come in?

Milk chocolate

Peppermint milk chocolate

White chocolate

Cookies n’ cream (Oreo)

Please contact us for additional flavors, we can usually accommodate special request. Please allow at least 48 hours minimum for orders.

$5.00 each

How do they work?

Check out this video!


1.) Place in large mug

2.) Pour 10 oz. of steaming hot milk over chocolate

3.) Stir well, watch the magic, and enjoy!

Do you have them daily?

Hot Cocoa Bombs will be available throughout the year. We may have a few on hand each day. We recommend you call or message ahead to check first. We also welcome advance orders (order from here). Please allow at least 48 hours for orders.

How long do they keep?

They are stable for up to 3 months at room temperature.

We do not recommend storing them in the fridge or freezer.

Just keep them in a safe, dry spot away from direct light so they do not crack or melt.