Wasn’t this a difference ice cream store before?

Yes, for 30 years this store was a franchise chain ice cream store. The owner at the time was unhappy with some the changes the brand made, and decided to shift to an independent store.

Who is Jim?

The current owner named the store after the former owner—Jim!

Do you make your own ice cream?

We proudly serve ice cream from local dairies such as Alpenrose, Umpqua, Tillamook, Cascade, and Lochmead.

Do you sell dry ice?

No, we currently DO NOT sell dry ice. Your best bet locally is Winco or Fred Meyer.

Do you have dairy-free or major allergen safe flavors?

We try to carry at least one dairy-free flavor at a time. We also try to clearly mark all flavors with major allergens, and are always happy to answer questions on individual flavors. Although we cannot guarantee no cross contamination, we will wash scoopers and scoop from unopened tubs (if available in the freezer) upon request.